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What is Psychotherapy? Is it a bridge? It is perhaps a bridge between your conscious and unconscious worlds. A bridge between you and I.

The actual meaning of the word is a good place to start. It has sometimes been translated as "to attend to the soul or psyche". I do believe that this translation goes some way to describe what psychotherapy attempts to achieve.

Psychotherapy can help people to clarify their thoughts and feelings so they can arrive at their own decisions, or even make major changes in their lives. It is essentially a lively, human and personal experience between two people. I also view it as a bridge - a bridge between people and also between the conscious and the unconscious parts of our being. It will offer no quick and easy solutions but it can provide an opportunity to confidentially discuss painful feelings, thoughts and emotions. As a psychotherapist I know it is possible for individuals to make changes to themselves, to how they view the world and to how they see themselves in the world. It can help people to develop a better sense of realism, of self worth and inner strength.I cannot give you the answers, and I don't seek to change your life, but I can be alongside in your journey as you discover answers and make the changes that you desire. The aim is to help you to find your own answers and to become more in charge of your own life. I practice psychotherapy and counselling in Rickmansworth, close to the M25, in easy reach of Watford, Harrow and South Bucks.

An opportunity to find out who you really are and where you want to go.

"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes."
C G Jung

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Psychotherapy. Beyond Good and Evil?

In the therapeutic relationship I do not seek to judge you or your actions but to listen and interpret. I do not seek to change your moral perspective or where you wish to go in your life.

You might wish to share with me thoughts, memories, dreams and fantasies that seem difficult or bizarre. Feelings that have come back to disturb or haunt you in your life. However odd or strange, I know that these images have a meaning. A meaning often deeply rooted in your unconscious or in your past. Perhaps together we can come to understand or bring this meaning into the conscious world. By doing so you will have opened up the possibility of change.

(Beyond Good and Evil? I would like to acknowledge Nietzsche's 1886 work. Jenseits von Gut und Böse )

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